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A community of writers, thinkers and do-ers.

English majors at Concordia do more than read and write. They immerse themselves in the history of ideas as seen in a wide variety of human expression – from short stories and novels to movies, memoirs, scientific journalism and more. In the process, they learn about themselves and the global village we live in. They learn that words and ideas matter. And they learn that people have the ability to transform the world.

Classes in this major encourage students to see the relationship between history and literature, philosophy and social justice, words and actions, the classroom and the world. Students conclude their studies with a senior thesis or practicum, emphasizing depth of intellectual understanding, creativity, and practical action. Through a focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and written communication skills, students are prepared for a variety of careers.

Why Concordia?

Strong, nurturing, one-on-one relationships with expert faculty encourage a professional approach to writing and literary analysis, as well as an individual exploration of personal and community identity. An English degree from Concordia can lead to careers in teaching, writing, publishing, media, law, public relations, and other professions.

Fast Facts

  • Working writers share insights and techniques on the art and craft of writing and publishing that add to student understanding and experience
  • Access to numerous literary events and resources within Portland’s vibrant creative community help students learn about the craft of writing while they make connections with other writers and activists
  • The Richard Paul & Jane Roe Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre exposes students to international conferences and seminars

“Because class sizes are small, the professors have the time to develop personal relationships with each student. The one-on-one attention and the emphasis placed on meeting the individual needs of students was a definite bonus to the program.”  
– Cassandra Shaw ’11, English major and student body president