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A World of Discovery

Chemists today are hard at work making new discoveries with the hopes of curing disease, cleaning up the environment, and producing  new sources of energy. Students in Concordia’s bachelor’s degree program in chemistry graduate with a thorough understanding of synthetic methods, analytical and physical measurements, use of scientific literature, computational methods, and communication in science. Students learn how analytical techniques work, then perform those techniques and analyze the results – in the field and in the lab. In addition, students find faculty members to be extremely accessible in and outside the classroom.

Why Concordia?

Rigorous curriculum and small class size create an environment for hands-on work with chemical reactions and equipment. Our new analytical chemistry lab allows students to achieve the more advanced skills required for high-level graduate schools.

Fast Facts

  • Practicum and thesis programs feature original research and extensive lab experience
  • High demand for Concordia graduates in industry and laboratories nationwide
  • Career opportunities include education, research, medicine, government, environmental companies, manufacturing, and more

“My experience at Concordia has definitely helped me by requiring a deeper level of academic achievement. Many of the professors pushed us to create our own thought processes on what we learned…therefore I am more prepared to take on my master’s program successfully.”  – Bethany Taylor ’11