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Interdisciplinary Studies

As the world seems to change at an ever-accelerating pace, a broad base in a variety of academic disciplines can provide the solid foundation necessary to effectively adapt to those changes. The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows students the freedom to select from a wide range of course work and tailor a program suited to their own interests. Students have the opportunity to emphasize a primary field of study while taking course work in at least three other academic areas. This makes it possible for students to postpone a decision concerning their major until a later time in their college career. That additional time may be just what is needed to provide the insight into selecting course work that is exciting and challenging for the student. Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Studies program are well prepared to proceed on to graduate school or enter the workforce in a variety of entry-level positions requiring broad training and skills.

BA General Education Requirements (48)

Primary Discipline (40)
These courses must be part of a recognized program or major in the College of Theology, Arts and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Humanities, Music, Psychology, or Theology) and must include at least 24 hours of upper-division credits. Courses taken to meet the primary discipline requirement cannot duplicate general education courses.

Secondary Discipline (12)
Must include at least 6 hours of upper-division credits in one field. Cannot duplicate general education or primary discipline courses.

Distribution Credits (16)
Cannot duplicate general education, primary or secondary discipline courses. Must be distributed among at least two curricular areas outside of the primary and secondary disciplines.

Electives (8)
The student needs sufficient electives to meet the 124 hours required for graduation. At least 45 of the 124 hours must be in 300- or 400-level courses.