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Field Studies

Buckle Up for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Imagine taking your  lessons outside the classroom, traveling around the world to study nature, culture and traditions. At Concordia University, we believe that field studies are among the very best investments in your education. An experience in the field can literally change your life through discovery and transformation.

On Concordia-sponsored field studies, you experience everything first-hand in close collaboration with your professor. Traditional field classes are kept to a maximum 18 students or less, while some research-based classes are even smaller. Field studies are led by Dr. Sergei Polozov, Chair, Concordia University Math and Science Department

Whether you’re a science major or a non-science major, you’ll be surprised at how much you get out of the trip. Discovering the amazing biodiversity of the tropics, for example, or experiencing the people and cultures of places like Amazonia, Australia, or New Zealand. There are no prerequisites for field classes and we have open enrollment – including students from different schools as well as non-students. Participants must be 18 or older, in adequate physical shape to travel,  and meet with Dr. Sergei Polozov for a personal interview.

As information is available about any upcoming field classes, it will be posted on Dr. Polozov's website, so be sure and check back often.