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Social Work

Agents of Change

Social workers are on the front lines of many of society’s most pressing issues, including mental illness, poverty, and homelessness. A bachelor of arts degree in social work from Concordia University-Portland is ideal for becoming a a social worker – someone who enhances human well­being with particular attention to the needs of vulnerable people and communities. It’s also the first step toward becoming a clinical social worker – someone who diagnoses and treats mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Here, you learn the latest evidence-based tools and techniques – the exact skills employers are seeking – preparing you for the challenging and rewarding field of social work.

Two Options for Study

Bachelor of Arts degree for students coming directly from high school or community college with little or no direct social work experience.

Bachelor of Science degree for non-traditional students with a significant amount of relevant work experience and at least one year of college-level credits.

To determine which option is right for you, please contact the Office of Admission and speak to an Admission Counselor.

Why Concordia?

Concordia students learn the tools of the trade, then apply those skills to work with a full spectrum of individuals, families, and communities. That could mean assisting a couple adopting a baby, finding foster care for an at-risk teen, working with a community to reduce gang violence, or helping a family struggling with terminal illness.

Fast Facts

  • Small classes allow for maximum interaction and networking opportunities
  • Concordia’s social work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, allowing those who continue on to graduate school to reduce class time by a full year
  • Senior year internships at local social service agencies give students true on-the-job experience