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Letter from the Director

Rebecca Boehne_CHHS_2012_web.jpgWelcome to Concordia University-Portland! We are very excited that you are considering becoming  part of this innovative nursing program – one that focuses on clinical competence and authentic caring. During your time here, you will also discover a very personal experience for learning and growing.

You will study the nursing care of adults with physical illness your entire junior year, beginning with basic skills in the summer and then progressing into classes that emphasize the integration of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and nursing clinical judgment. Health promotion is introduced in the spring of junior year. By laying a strong foundation in skills,  you will be competent to handle the most common nursing procedures and responsibilities by the end of your junior year. Over the summer, you will study mental health nursing. Fall courses in the senior year include pediatric, obstetric, and community nursing, as well as a course in research and evidence-based practice. Spring of the senior year focuses on a final senior course that includes complex care, a 200-hour clinical preceptorship, and nursing leadership.

Throughout the program, the practice of compassion will be emphasized as you systematically develop interpersonal and cross-cultural understanding and competency. Developing one’s own spiritual grounding will be a strong focus, as well.  The development of leadership skills will be incorporated throughout the program. So by the time you are graduated, you will be prepared to promote health as well as care for the sick, setting you up nicely for a long and rewarding career in nursing.


Rebecca E. Boehne, PhD, RN
Nursing Program Director, Professor of Nursing