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Exercise and Sport Science

Pursuing Your Passion for Exercise and Physical Activity

Concordia’s exercise & sport science (ESS) program explores the latest scientific concepts and applications of exercise, fitness, and human performance, preparing students to teach and model a healthy, active lifestyle. An ESS degree opens doors to a variety of careers in the growing health and fitness industry. It can also lead to graduate studies and a rewarding career in science and healthcare.

Mission Statement:
Concordia’s ESS program applies an evidence-based approach to the multidimensional study of human movement, while engaging students in hands-on experiences to promote critical thinking, effective communication, and a comprehensive understanding of the discipline.  Students will gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in careers or graduate study in the growing fields of health, fitness, performance, medicine, and rehabilitation.

Why Concordia?

Concordia’s smaller classes, practical labs, and relevant field-based experiences give students the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for employment or graduate school. The ability to apply evidence-based knowledge into real-world situations is a focal point of our ESS program.

Fast Facts

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts jobs for fitness workers will increase faster than other occupations – with educated and experienced professionals (those with degrees and professional certification) having the best chances to get new jobs
  • Concordia’s Human Performance Lab has state of the art equipment
  • Partnerships and collaborative projects with premier athletic clubs, local fitness center, clinics, and research labs in the area