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Healthcare Administration Coursework

Program Pre-requisites

  • 60 semester credits from accredited institutions
  • Five years of significant work background
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA in previous course work

Healthcare Administration Requirements

  • A total of 124 semester hours credit in 100-level (or above) courses with a grade point average of (2.00)
  • 30 of the last 40 credits in the degree must be taken at Concordia
  • 45 hours of 300- or 400-level courses (fulfilled by the HCA curriculum)
  • No more than 20 credits from Pass/No Pass courses (exclusive of Prior Learning Experience credits) and Research Project/Internship credits
  • Credits are accepted from course work taken at accredited colleges, CLEP (national testing program), current course work, credit by examination, and Prior Learning Assessment petitions
  • No course with a grade below a C will be counted in the major core
  • The HCA core must be taken in its entirety

BS General Education Requirements (27)

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 27 Semester credits. HCA 365 and HCA 411 may be included in the fulfillment of the general education Religion requirement.

Healthcare Administration Core Requirements (48)

Semester 1 (12)

  • HCA 301 The Nation’s Health (3)
  • HCA 321 Healthcare Administration and Management (4)
  • HCA 370 Managing Human Resources (3)
  • HCA 431 Healthcare Policy and Regulation (1)
  • HCA 451 Seminar (1)

Semester 2 (12)

  • HCA 365 Values, Society and the Future (3)
  • HCA 366 Marketing Management (4)
  • HCA 351 Quality Assessment and Improvement (3)
  • HCA 412 Law and Ethics in Geriatrics (1)
  • HCA 451 Seminar (1)

Semester 3 (12)

  • HCA 360 Organizational Finance (2)
  • HCA 331 Managed Care Systems (4)
  • HCA 421 Financial Management in Health Services (4)
  • HCA 482 Systems in Long-Term Care (1)
  • HCA 451 Seminar (1)

Semester 4 (12)

  • HCA 411 Healthcare Law and Ethics (3)
  • HCA 481 Issues in Working with the Elderly (3)
  • HCA 341 Strategic Planning and Marketing (3)
  • HCA 491 Research Project/Internship (3)

Electives (49)

HCA majors may elect to complete additional HCA 491-Research Project/Internship credits to help fulfill the elective requirements The student needs sufficient electives to meet the 124 hours required for graduation.

Optional Minor

Students have the option of adding an additional area of academic focus by taking 12 credits or more within a specific area. Minors or concentrations are available in Social Work, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, e-Business, and Organizational Management. The courses taken for the minor or concentration will not be scheduled in cohort or modular format, but will be offered as traditional semester offerings. However, when possible, these courses will be presented in the half-semester mode, and an effort will be made to offer them on evenings and/or weekends. These courses will be open to traditional students as well as HCA students.


For those who want to advance to the senior management level of healthcare administration, Concordia University offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Healthcare Administration Concentration. The 38-semester hour graduate degree includes 9 credit hour specialization courses in Healthcare Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Management. The MBA utilizes a cohort group instructional design similar to the BS Healthcare Administration degree programs. The MBA program has three different scheduling options which includes weekend, weeknight, and online.  Find out additional information concerning the MBA program.