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Healthcare Administration is #1 "Loved Degree" in Recent Report

Quick, what are the college majors most likely to get you hired in 2014 and beyond? While most on the list – including Education, Business, Communications and Computer Science – are familiar standbys, the degree in the top spot may surprise you.

According to a recent report from Yahoo Education, the current number one degree that employers love is Healthcare Administration – a fixture here at Concordia University-Portland.

“Healthcare administration will continue to grow – specifically as the provisions of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) continue to roll out over the next several years,” says Kimberly Patterson, career consultant at UnConventional HR. Patterson cites the aging baby boomer population’s need for care as another big “pro” for majoring in this field.

The degree you need, the timeframe you want.

The idea behind Concordia’s BS in Healthcare Administration is simple: To give you the tools and skills you need to move ahead in the healthcare field – working in hospitals, public health departments, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, insurance providers and other health-related industries.

At Concordia, we understand how busy you are. That’s why our BS in Healthcare Administration program lets you complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as 16 months – with minimal disruption to your career and family life. Class time is just one night each week, with class size limited to just 25 students.

Ready to take the next step towards an exciting career in healthcare administration? Concordia University transfer coordinators will walk you through the entire process – one-on-one, step-by-step – with personalized appointments at a time that works for you. Get started today.

Learn more about our degree in Healthcare Administration.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 22% growth in medical and health services management careers through 2020.