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Lutheran Teacher Certification

Becoming a Lutheran Teacher

Concordia University is uniquely positioned to provide certification for students wishing to become Lutheran school teachers. Our well-respected teacher education program, along with courses in ministry and Biblical studies, will prepare you to impact students’ lives for Christ each day in your classroom.

Lutheran schools across the United States are some of the most effective missions in the world – giving teachers the opportunity to work with children from many unique backgrounds. At preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, these teachers are improving the futures of children. Through guidance and instruction, they help their students become successful in life and in their communities. More importantly, they speak and reflect the truth of Jesus Christ.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Education program with a Professional Church Work minor, you will be eligible to receive a Call and serve as a rostered Commissioned Minister of Religion within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. After submitting placement paperwork, the Department of Christian Ministries works to place you in your first Call to a Lutheran school.