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DCE Internship

What is a DCE Internship and What Purpose Does it Serve?

A DCE Intern is a recent Concordia University graduate with a degree in Christian Education, who is preparing to be certified, Called, and rostered as a Commissioned Minister of Religion in the LCMS as a DCE. The internship is the year-long capstone experience that leads to DCE certification. Your congregation has the opportunity to partner with the DCE Program at Concordia University-Portland to help prepare these students for a lifetime of ministry and service.

Congregations that do well with an intern have:

  • A dedication to educational ministries
  • A desire to help raise up a future church worker
  • A supportive church professional (Pastor or DCE) who is willing to mentor, nurture, and supervise the DCE Intern
  • Encouraging members
  • Needs in the area of the Christian educational ministries that will challenge the intern
  • A desire to enhance the effectiveness of its own efforts in its educational ministries

A DCE is a lifespan educational leader for a congregation. An intern may:

  • Teach adult and youth Bible studies
  • Mentor youth and children
  • Initiate family educational activities
  • Recruit and equip volunteers for children's, youth, and/or family ministry
  • Initiate educational programs that address the needs of the congregation
  • Build and support the team ministry of the congregation
  • Organize youth, adult, and/or family retreats and/or servant events
  • Develop mission outreach opportunities to link the church with their community

If your congregation is preparing to host a DCE intern, there are a few key steps that are essential to this process:

  1. Identify needs within your congregation and develop a job description outlining ministry areas in which the Intern may serve.
  2. Contact the Director of Christian Ministries to obtain an internship application packet.
  3. Complete the application and submit it with your $150 application fee.
  4. Determine the potential start date for your Intern — typically January or July.
  5. Arrange with the director a date for his site visit to your congregation.
  6. Pray without ceasing!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the DCE Internship process, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Dean Hansen, Director of Christian Ministries, 503-493-6217