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Placement Office

Students enrolled in Concordia's teacher education programs are required to complete a series of clinical experiences in area schools prior to graduating and obtaining a teaching license. In all programs, students will complete a work sample at both their practicum and student teaching school sites.

Undergraduate Requirements

90 Hour Field of Experience
180 Hour Practicum (semester-long)
15 weeks Student Teaching

Masters of Arts in Teaching Requirements

180 Hour Practicum (semester-long)
12 weeks Student Teaching

Masters of Arts in Teaching (Evening Program) Requirements

180 Hour Practicum (6-weeks full-time)
12 Weeks Student Teaching

The Placement Office will not only secure the sites in which the student will complete the experiences, it will also ensure you are partnered with a qualified teacher in the classroom, and receive mentoring from an assigned supervisor.

In securing placements for students, the Placement Office will take into consideration certain placement suggestions you provide through the placement questionnaire and contract. (You will be contacted by the Placement Office when this information is needed.) The Placement Office can never guarantee that you will be placed at the site of your choice; however, we do value your input and make every attempt to honor your request.

When the Placement Office makes a request on your behalf, a package is sent to the district or school (depending on district protocol), which includes an overview of the clinical experience you need and a copy of the résumé you have provided to the Placement Office. Once the request package reaches the school, the building principal finds an interested teacher or teachers who will serve as your cooperating teacher(s). The principal then relays the information back to our office directly, or through his or her respective district. As soon as the Placement Office receives placement confirmation, we will notify you with instructions on how to proceed. Until you receive official confirmation from our office, please know that we are diligently working at securing your placement.

Additional information, forms, workbooks and other resources are available by contacting the Placement Office at 503-493-6458.