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Master of Education in Administration/Initial Administrator License

The M.Ed. in Administration provides initial licensing for administrative candidates who currently do not hold a recognized Master’s degree. Candidates who already hold a master’s degree may pursue the Initial Administrator License (IAL) by itself. Public and independent school administrators who exhibit high ethical standards, a sensitivity and respect for diversity, and who place a high priority on the academic success of children and youth will receive a graduate degree in educational administration, initial background for careers building administrators, and assistance in acquiring the competencies necessary to apply for TSPC’s Initial Administrator License (current OAR).

Program Objectives

Program objectives for the M.Ed. in Administration are written to meet TSPC’s standards for the Initial Administrator License. In addition to meeting the objectives for all Concordia University M.Ed. programs, successful candidates in the M.Ed. in Administration will:

  • Promote ethical standards of democracy, equity, diversity, and excellence
  • Encourage communication among diverse groups
  • Support the establishment and implementation of high skill and knowledge expectations designed to meet stated goals and objectives for students
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the organization of a school within the context of the district and community
  • Collaborate in the design and implementation of professional staff development programs to improve the skills of every staff member
  • Supervise professional development and evaluation of personnel to ensure effective instruction
  • Facilitate alternative learning environments when student progress is less than desired
  • Assist in the work of district decision making groups, including the school site council
  • Manage school financial resources to meet established priorities
  • Manage the school in accordance with statutes, administrative rules, school district policies, and collective bargaining agreements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of school law and finance
  • Exhibit an understanding of human development, curriculum and methods for pre-primary to grade 12 where requested in the current OAR