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Social Studies (K-14)

Social Studies (K-14) is to develop a concrete understanding of the integration of the Social Studies curriculum with Project-Based Learning while invigorating the teaching of Social Studies professionals and energizing students to do historical work that will demonstrate the power of critical thinking in a globalizing world.

The Social Studies concentration is fully online.

Social Studies (K-14) Courses

In addition to the five core courses required for a degree in Curriculum and Instruction, students enrolled in the Social Studies (K-14) program will also take the following foundation courses:

EDCI 572 Historical Thinking (3)
EDCI 573 The Social Studies Toolkit: Using the Internet to Enhance Teaching and Learning (3)
EDCI 574 Global Citizenship: Teaching for an Interconnected World (3)
EDCI 575 Project-Based Learning and the K-14 Social Studies Experience (3)
TOTAL Semester Hours (12)

The Master of Education culminates with a capstone project: either EDGR 698-Action Research (3), or EDGR 699-Thesis (3). Either option provides candidates with an understanding of the role of research in the field of education as a tool to solve problems and as a way to improve student learning.

EDGR 698 (3) Action Research (CAPSTONE)
EDGR 699 (3) Thesis (CAPSTONE)