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Reading Specialist

Enhances instructional skills in the area of reading, provides the knowledge and experience base needed to serve as a reading specialist, and prepares candidates for the TSPC required reading test. Also meets the content requirements for adding a "Reading Specialist Endorsement" to an initial or continuing teaching license. Passing the Praxis II Reading exam (5301) is currently required.

EDRD 551 Diagnosis and Assessment of Reading (3)
EDRD 552 Young Adult and Children's Literature (3)
EDRD 553 Advanced Techniques for Teaching Reading (3)
EDRD 554 Current Issues in Literacy (3)
EDRD 555 Organization and Management of Reading Programs (3)
*Required course for adding an endorsement
EDRD 550 Reading Specialists Practicum* (2)
TOTAL (semester hours) (15 – 17)

Praxis II must be taken and passed to have endorsement added to a license. 

Reading Specialist Online