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The Inclusive Classroom

The Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction: The Inclusive Classroom is designed for the General Education Teacher and will provide the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with students with disabilities and those mainstreamed or fully included in general education classrooms. Particular emphasis is placed on instructional strategies used to differentiate instruction, to serve students with disabilities in inclusive general education classrooms, and to implement the Response to Intervention model at the classroom or school level.

The Inclusive Classroom is fully online. (This is not standard SPED.)Those wishing to complete this concentration should take the following courses:

Course Code Course Title Credits
Required Core:
EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar 1
EDGR 502 Developing Character Through the Curriculum 3
EDGR 535 Theories of Teaching & Learning 3
EDGR 595 Community of Learners 3
EDGR 601 Educational Research 3
EDGR 602 Contemporary Educational Thought 3
EDGR 698 or EDGR 699 Action Research or Thesis (must have EDGR 601 first) 3
Inclusive Classroom courses:
EDCI 528 Foundation Concepts for Inclusive Teaching 3
EDCI 548 The Inclusive Classroom: Instructional Strategies and Intervetions 3
EDCI 549 Effective Classroom Management Strategies 3
EDCI 545 Principles of Collaboration and Partnerships 3