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Equity, Ethics, and Justice

The Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction: Equity, Ethics, and Justice concentration will provide education practitioners with the skills to effectively serve as school and community instructional leaders, or as ethical education and equity crusaders who will develop additional skills to combat the many social and economic factors wthat hinder a child's opportunity to receive quality education.

Those wishing to complete this concentration should take the following courses. The Equity Ethics and Justice concentration is fully online:

Concentration Requirements
Course Code Course Title Credits
Required Core:
EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar 1
EDGR 502 Developing Character Through the Curriculum 3
EDGR 535 Theories of Teaching & Learning 3
EDGR 595 Community of Learners 3
EDGR 601 Educational Research 3
EDGR 602 Contemporary Educational Thought 3
EDGR 698 or EDGR 699 Action Research or Thesis (must have EDGR 601 first) 3
Equity, Ethics, and Justice courses:
EDCI 501 Principals of Ethics & Logic 3
EDCI 590 Equity & Justice in the Classroom 3
EDCI 593 Case Studies in Law & Ethics 3
EDCI 587 The Ethical Educator 3