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Early Childhood Education

The Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education (ECE) is designed for educators who have a strong passion for teaching young children. Focus is on teaching children ages birth through age 8 in all education environments including preschools, public schools, private schools, and charter schools. This degree program helps students explore current trends and research, to design developmentally-appropriate curriculum, and develop skills to advocate for young children

Early Childhood Education Courses

EDCI 503 Issues and Advocacy in ECE (3)
EDCI 504 Early Childhood Curriculum: A Constructivist Approach (3)
EDCI 505 Play in Early Childhood Education (3)
EDCI 589 Emerging Literacy (3)
EDCI 599 ECE Practicum (2) (for endorsement candidates in Oregon)
TOTAL semester hours (12-14)

Early Childhood Education Online