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Bible Literacy

Part of the Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction; Bible Literacy is designed to provide a quality study of Biblical concepts and allusions that permeate Western literature, fine arts, and performing arts and will enable educators to be agents of positive change through ethical, legal, and rigorous teaching of Bible literacy in their schools and communities.

The Bible Literacy concentration is fully online.

Bible Literacy Courses

In addition to the four core courses required for a degree in Curriculum and Instruction, students enrolled in the Bible Literacy program will take the following foundation courses:

EDCI 533 Famous Firsts: Raising Cain, Noah’s Floating Zoo, and Other Genesis Narratives (3)
EDCI 534 Heroes of Faith (3)
EDCI 550 Women of Valor (3)
EDCI 553 Love Your Enemy, Turn the Other Cheek, Go the Extra Mile, and Other Astonishing Instruction (3)
EDGR 601 Educational Research (3)
TOTAL Semester Hours (12)

Bible Literacy Concentration is online.