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Initial and Continuing Administrator License

Administrative Licensing Programs

Concordia University offers several administrative licenses for those who have already earned a Master's degree:

  • Initial Administrator License
  • Continuing Administrator License
  • (course requirement grids below)

Educators and administrators eligible for these programs:

  • Have earned a Master's degree or higher from a regionally-accredited institution
  • Have at least three years of successful experience
    • For the Initial Administrator License, at least three years of licensed, contracted teaching or personnel service experience in public schools or regionally-accredited private schools is highly recommended
    • For the Continuing Administrator License, at least three years of half-time administrative experience in Oregon public schools or Oregon private schools who hold regional accreditation is required before the CAL can be awarded from TSPC
  • Comply with Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators in Division 020

To apply for one of Concordia University's administrative licensing programs, interested candidates should submit the following:

  • Apply online.  A new application must be completed for each Concordia program pursued.
  • An official transcript from a regionally-accredited college or university that indicates a Master's degree was conferred.
  • One letter of reference dated within one year of applying that verifies the candidate's administrative potential based on assessment of leadership, management, and human relations skills.
  • The TSPC-required Personal Character Questionnaire.
  • A letter of intent (no longer than two pages) outlining the candidate's goals and professional administrative objectives.
  • Professional résumé which lists your education and teaching experience.
  • Verification of completion of a teacher or personnel service preparation program and an Oregon teaching or personnel service license. Administrative candidates from Washington must submit proof of a Washington teaching certificate.
  • Verification of three years of a successful, contracted, licensed teaching or personnel service experience in public schools or regionally accredited private schools (one year equals eight consecutive months) is highly recommended.

Course Requirements (19-22 Credit Hours depending on program)

Initial Administrator License
Course Code Course Title Credits
EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar 1
EDAD 560 Human & Financial Resources 3
EDGR 601 Educational Research 3
EDGR 605 Instructional Leadership & Classroom Evaluation 3
EDAD 607 Leading the School Community (The Principalship) 3
EDGR 622 School Law 3
EDGR 626 Organizational Change 3
EDAD 650 Administrative Practicum
  • A minimum of 360 hours with 240 of the time at the preferred site and 120 at the supplemental site. Includes completion of an administrative portfolio
  • 3
    Continuing Administrator License
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    Required Core:
    EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar and completion of the Professional Education Plan (PEP) 1
    EDGR 601 Educational Research (required unless taken in another program) (3)
    EDAD 573 Equity, Access, & Social Issues in School Law 3
    EDAD 578 Social Political & Cultural Issues 3
    EDAD 672 Communication & Conflict Management 3
    EDAD 652 District Level Practicum
  • Minimum of 280 clock hours at the new level
  • Includes completion of the administrative portfolio and site-based activities outlined in EDGR 500
    Select 6 credits from the courses below:
    EDGR 520 Curriculum Design & Assessment 3
    EDAD 560 Human & Financial Resources 3
    EDGR 606 Using Data to Improve Student Achievement 3
    EDGR 607 Strategies for Enhancing Student Achievement 3
    EDGR 608 Learning Forward: Using Performance Assessments to Improve Student Learning 3