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Initial and Continuing Administrator License

Administrative Licensing Programs

Concordia University offers several administrative licenses for those who have already earned a Master's degree(course requirement grids below):

  • Continuing Administrator License
  • Initial Administrator License
  • This Initial Administrative program is designed for educators who possess an Oregon Initial teaching License, have at least three years of full-time teaching experience and have the desire to continue their careers in building positions or administrative posts requiring an administrative license. Completion of this program enables candidates to apply for the Oregon Administrator License. The program complies with the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) requirement that all candidates must complete an Administrative licensing program, including a practicum in order to be eligible for the Oregon Administrator License. The TSPC standards as outlined in the most recent OARs are central to Concordia University - Portland's Initial Administrator Licensure program goals and objectives, and are specifically designed to enable educators to demonstrate the competencies required for the this license. Candidates will demonstrate the administrative competencies as they proceed through the program and required practicum.

Educators and administrators eligible for these programs:

  • Have earned a Master's degree or higher from a regionally-accredited institution
  • Have at least three years of successful experience
    • For the Initial Administrator License, at least three years of licensed, contracted teaching or personnel service experience in public schools or regionally-accredited private schools is highly recommended
    • For the Continuing Administrator License, at least three years of half-time administrative experience in Oregon public schools or Oregon private schools who hold regional accreditation is required before the CAL can be awarded from TSPC
  • Comply with Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators in Division 020

To apply for one of Concordia University's administrative licensing programs, interested candidates should submit the following:

  • Apply online.  A new application must be completed for each Concordia program pursued.
  • An official transcript from a regionally-accredited college or university that indicates a Master's degree was conferred.
  • One letter of reference dated within one year of applying that verifies the candidate's administrative potential based on assessment of leadership, management, and human relations skills.
  • The TSPC-required Personal Character Questionnaire.
  • A letter of intent (no longer than two pages) outlining the candidate's goals and professional administrative objectives.
  • Professional résumé which lists your education and teaching experience.
  • Verification of completion of a teacher or personnel service preparation program and an Oregon teaching or personnel service license. Administrative candidates from Washington must submit proof of a Washington teaching certificate.
  • Verification of three years of a successful, contracted, licensed teaching or personnel service experience in public schools or regionally accredited private schools (one year equals eight consecutive months) is highly recommended.

Course Requirements (19-22 Credit Hours depending on program)

Initial Administrator License
Course Code Course Title Credits
EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar 1
EDAD 560 Human & Financial Resources 3
EDGR 601 Educational Research 3
EDGR 605 Instructional Leadership & Classroom Evaluation 3
EDAD 607 Leading the School Community (The Principalship) 3
EDGR 622 School Law 3
EDGR 626 Organizational Change 3
EDAD 650 Administrative Practicum
  • A minimum of 360 hours with 240 of the time at the preferred site and 120 at the supplemental site. Includes completion of an administrative portfolio
  • 3
    Continuing Administrator License
    Course Code Course Title Credits
    Required Core:
    EDGR 500 Professional Planning Seminar and completion of the Professional Education Plan (PEP) 1
    EDGR 601 Educational Research (required unless taken in another program) (3)
    EDAD 573 Equity, Access, & Social Issues in School Law 3
    EDAD 578 Social Political & Cultural Issues 3
    EDAD 672 Communication & Conflict Management 3
    EDAD 652 District Level Practicum
  • Minimum of 280 clock hours at the new level
  • Includes completion of the administrative portfolio and site-based activities outlined in EDGR 500
    Select 6 credits from the courses below:
    EDGR 520 Curriculum Design & Assessment 3
    EDAD 560 Human & Financial Resources 3
    EDGR 606 Using Data to Improve Student Achievement 3
    EDGR 607 Strategies for Enhancing Student Achievement 3
    EDGR 608 Learning Forward: Using Performance Assessments to Improve Student Learning 3