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Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) Coursework

Concordia's Doctorate of Education and Coursework

Concordia University’s doctorate degree program is designed to prepare candidates to become transformational leaders in education, ready to make an immediate and long-term positive impact in schools, government, academia, business, and not-for-profit organizations. Candidates can complete the program on campus or online. Students completing the program on campus will attend class one evening a week from 6-9 pm. Some classes in the on-campus cohort will be delivered online (noted below with an *).

The Ed.D. is designed to be completed in three to four years, depending on whether any credits are transferred into the program.  The Ed.D. consists of four phases:

Phase I

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3

The Ethical Educator (3)

Transformational Learning (3)

Core and Residency: The Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing I (1)

Creativity, Inquiry, and Innovation (3)

Quantitative Research Methods (3)

Core and Residency: The Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing II (1)

Leading Organizational Change (3)

Qualitative Research Methods (3)

Core and Residency: The Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing III (1)

Residency: Orientation/Professional Development/Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing

Phase I | Core Courses: Includes a virtual residency orientation and core coursework that lays the foundation for the program.  You will also complete a series of classes that focus on different aspects of scholarly writing including how to develop an argument and how to establish your voice.  This “Nine Lives” series is taken concurrently with the core courses and culminates in a comprehensive “Connection” paper. Thus, in Phase I, you will be taking two classes at the same time. (Up to 6 credits can be transferred in for the qualitative/quantitative research classes.)

Phase II

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Take 18 Specialization Credits in Teacher Leadership, Educational Administration, Higher Education, Transformational Leadership, or Transfer Applicable Credits*

Phase II | Specialization: You will complete 18 credits toward your specialization in Teacher Leadership, Educational Administration, Higher Education, or Transformational Leadership. *Depending on the specialization enrollment, some or all of Phase II classes may be delivered online. You will advance to Phase III once you complete your specialization courses, form your dissertation committee, and have the committee approve your research topic. Up to nine credit hours may be transferred into a specialization (eligibility of credit transfers is determined by the College of Education).  Oregon students who have a Continuing Administrator License may transfer in 15-18 credits into the program. Fill out the form to the right to contact an admission counselor for more information about transferring credits. 

Phase III

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Scholars Before Researchers Literature Review (4)

2 Intense Research Modules (4)*

Only online

Religion and Extremism (3)

Religion and Dense Meaning: Parables (3)

Residency: Writing the Dissertation Proposal and Defense (0)

Phase III | Research/Residency/Religion:Includes focus on research and writing. You will begin your proposal and choose different research methodologies to be used in your dissertation. By the end of Phase III, three of the five required chapters of your dissertation will be completed. This phase culminates with the defense of your proposal.

Phase IV

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Research and Dissertation I (3) Research and Dissertation II (3) An additional three credits may be added if more time is needed to complete your dissertation. (3)

Phase IV | Dissertation: You will complete your research and topic and write the final chapters of your dissertation. You will not attend classes but will continue to work closely with your advisor. This phase ends with the defense of your dissertation to your committee.