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Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Welcome to the Art & Carol Wahlers Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership web site. We are so pleased that you have accessed this site. This is a time of great opportunity and great challenge for sharing the love of Christ in word and action. Nearly 7.4 million residents in the Pacific Northwest are un-churched. One in four claims "none" as their religious preference on surveys. Within this rich mission field, pressures and challenges abound for the entire priesthood of believers, perhaps most especially for professional church workers and lay leaders. In addition, the Lutheran perspective is all but missing in public and cultural discourse. A recent quantification of web-based religious sites found that the Lutheran presence is a fraction of other religions and Christian denominations.

To address these critical needs, Concordia University and the Northwest District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are partnering to create The Art & Carol Wahlers Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership, which will be housed in Concordia University's new Library and Learning Center. CALL's purpose is to engage professional church workers and lay leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest in wrestling with and finding answers to the critical questions and issues facing our ministry together - a ministry of transforming our region and our communities through the love of Christ. This transformational ministry calls us to address three critical questions:

What does it mean to be Lutheran in the 21st Century in the Pacific Northwest?

How can we as Lutherans live out our faith meaningfully, relevantly and effectively?

How can our Lutheran voice have a positive impact on the overall Christian witness within our communities and our region?

Focusing on three Pinnacle Programs - Leadership Enhancement, Missions, and Spiritual Formation of Youth and Young Adults -- CALL will provide meaningful programming, leadership, and partnerships to create vibrant, healthy congregations focused on their mission. We hope you will continue to check this site to track our progress as we launch this new Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership. May the Lord bless you richly!

CALL Objectives

The Art & Carol Wahlers Center for Applied Lutheran Leadership has the following ministry objectives:

  • Advance the shared mission of the Northwest District and Concordia University to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively so that disciples are made and people come into a life-giving, life-transforming relationship with Jesus
  • Inspire and advance existing and future leaders within the priesthood of believers as they advance their ministries within a contextually authentic Lutheran identity
  • Provide the discourse, resources, and models for Lutheran institutions and agencies to continue exploring and expressing a uniquely and contextually appropriate Lutheran identity
  • Create opportunities to bring Lutheran perspectives, traditions, doctrine and apologetics to bear on religious and social issues of interest and import to the Pacific Northwest (e.g. war, homelessness, poverty, the environment, etc.)
  • Create a place to house staff who will focus, energize, and convey effective programming
  • Provide an active and accessible collection of theological and best practice resources and archives of the Northwest District and Concordia University to document and support applied scholarship and research in support of the mission of the Church