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2 days 11 hours ago
Come get your free 2017 Philanthropy Week t-shirt. Post a picture of you with *your* tee and… https://t.co/2G9Mnna5gR
3 days 11 hours ago
TONIGHT! Free ice cream & everything you ever wanted to know about philanthropy, like what the heck is it and can I… https://t.co/nvS4eqiFKe
1 week 6 hours ago
Read about CU Portland's new immersive-from-Day-1 teacher prep curriculum! Coming soon! https://t.co/hd8NHt1QP6
2 weeks 4 hours ago
Thank you for sharing your inspiring message of public service with us Pres. Klein! https://t.co/ptdF4HKWu5

Concordia is a Christian University preparing leaders for the transformation of society.