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A New Model for Education

They say it’s a model that has never been tried before in education: A private college partnering with an impoverished public school to

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1 day 5 hours ago
RT @Oregonian: Survivors of vanished city Vanport are dying; time is running out to document their stories. http://t…
1 day 5 hours ago
Thanks to @ProfDaley and his team at Concordia for keeping the story of Vanport alive.
2 days 5 hours ago
“Don’t be ashamed of being the Lord’s donkey. If you carry Christ you won’t go astray.” How do you carry Christ into your everyday life?
4 days 5 hours ago
John 19:30: The debt of our sin has been paid by Christ. What does it mean to you to know that sin, death and Satan have been conquered?

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